Old Friend

Today is my 57th birthday. I woke this morning and my first prayer of the day was: “God, thank You for 57 years. It has been an incredible adventure, and I am surprised to make it this far.”  Before the day was over, I would learn that a friend from the old days had passed… Read More Old Friend

What, Me Worry?

We worry about our weight, lifespan, children, money, salvation, marriage, hair loss, memory loss, income loss. We worry a lot about loss. We worry whether we got a good deal on our car, our house, our insurance, our investments, our relationships. We worry about being late to church, work, a dental appointment. We worry about… Read More What, Me Worry?


I’ve just read Donald Miller’s book, Blue Like Jazz, for a second time. I was captured anew by a phrase in the book: we use love as currency. That is not a complimentary statement. And he wasn’t referring to humans in general. He was referring to church-going people in general. In one section he remarks… Read More As-Is