Being A Friend – Best Friends: Long, Long Journey – Part 1

(I have been wanting to do a series of posts about friendship, and specifically about being a friend of God. This is the sixth post of the series. The previous posts are here, here, here, here, and here.) My best friends, and I, are believers and followers of Jesus. We each met Him separately, and we all have… Read More Being A Friend – Best Friends: Long, Long Journey – Part 1


We mourn the loss of possessions, youth, vitality, money, relationships, status, power, jobs. We mourn the loss of our idols. We would be rightly judged as embracing “loss prevention”. We eventually struggle with the final loss of death. In a recent message, my pastor described death as “the vehicle that takes you to God”. Death… Read More Blessed

What, Me Worry?

We worry about our weight, lifespan, children, money, salvation, marriage, hair loss, memory loss, income loss. We worry a lot about loss. We worry whether we got a good deal on our car, our house, our insurance, our investments, our relationships. We worry about being late to church, work, a dental appointment. We worry about… Read More What, Me Worry?

Proper Pronunciation

One day at work… VP:         “I want to see if you are interested in taking on more responsibility.” Me:        “What did you have in mind?”                     VP:         “I’d like you to take over this team (holds up an organization chart).” Me:        “That is quite a lot more responsibility.”   VP:         “It will be a stretch.” Me:        “I… Read More Proper Pronunciation

Finishing Well

Last night I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where we honored people celebrating years of sober living. Some of the people have been on a sober and spiritual journey for over 45 years. These are people that may have started out stumbling but will likely finish their race well. I love recovered drunks, like myself.… Read More Finishing Well


I’ve just read Donald Miller’s book, Blue Like Jazz, for a second time. I was captured anew by a phrase in the book: we use love as currency. That is not a complimentary statement. And he wasn’t referring to humans in general. He was referring to church-going people in general. In one section he remarks… Read More As-Is