Being A Friend – Best Friends: Long, Long Journey – Part 1

(I have been wanting to do a series of posts about friendship, and specifically about being a friend of God. This is the sixth post of the series. The previous posts are here, here, here, here, and here.) My best friends, and I, are believers and followers of Jesus. We each met Him separately, and we all have… Read More Being A Friend – Best Friends: Long, Long Journey – Part 1

Gift Wrapping

In the U.S., we spend $3 billion a year on gift wrap. $3,000,000,000 for colored paper. Each year. We place a high value on wrapping gifts. I gotta ask… why? Why do we spend so much on something destined for the recycle bin? Presentation perhaps. It looks nice. It reflects care and attention. Then there’s… Read More Gift Wrapping

Out Of Gas

One of the results of Hurricane Harvey was an imaginary gasoline shortage in the Dallas Texas area, where I live. One by one, gas stations and convenience stores ran out of fuel as fear-filled drivers waited, sometimes for hours, to fuel up their vehicles. I visited 5 stations before I was even able to find… Read More Out Of Gas

Hard Day

I had a really hard day. And I didn’t do some things I’ve been taught to do on days like this. I didn’t call my closest friends. I didn’t journal. I didn’t pull up a Bible app on my phone and read from Psalms. I didn’t find a quiet place to meditate with my Jesus.… Read More Hard Day

What, Me Worry?

We worry about our weight, lifespan, children, money, salvation, marriage, hair loss, memory loss, income loss. We worry a lot about loss. We worry whether we got a good deal on our car, our house, our insurance, our investments, our relationships. We worry about being late to church, work, a dental appointment. We worry about… Read More What, Me Worry?