Thanks for stopping by! My name is Casey and I live in the Dallas TX area of the USA. As you can see, not all of us wear 10-gallon cowboy hats. I hope you feel at home while you visit. Pull up a chair and stay for a while.

There’s a singular reason for this blog. Truth be told – and it should – this blog is not about me; it’s about someone else. His name is Jesus, and if you haven’t met Him yet… you should. You will never be the same afterwards.

The blog is supposed to be a little humorous too, though not everyone may enjoy my attempts at witty monologue. It’s an acquired taste, to be sure. If you stumble across something here that makes you wonder if I’m joking… I probably am. Probably.

I appreciate you visiting, and am always delighted to read any comments you might have. After all, if you know Jesus too, we’ll be spending an eternity together, my friend.