Just being reminded how incredible God is… made me want to repost this.

prodigal ragamuffin


I saw a shadow like a tree –
it’s twisted branches spread.
Upon the top a grostesque sight;
a monstrous, evil head.

I saw the shadow of an angel –
golden wings stretched wide.
Upon the top a beautiful glow;
like fiery diamonds inside.

Then I heard, loud and deep,
a Voice echoed through my soul.
“The shadows are only imaginings,
whether you see yourself broken or whole.”

“Your eye sees these hollow things;
all these shadows are not real.
You focus on these cloudy images
for clues they might reveal.”

“Do not stare so hard at shadows –
these are not true at all.
Fix your eyes on Me instead,
King of kings, and Lord of all.”

I saw the shape of a cross;
in it’s shadow I did fall.
It isn’t I who secures my fate,
but the One who paid it all.

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