There’s a singular reason for this blog, and it isn’t because I think I’m some great writer. Truth be told – and it should – this blog is not about me; it’s about someone else. His name is Jesus, and if you haven’t met Him yet… you should. You’ll never be the same after.

Some time ago, Jesus rescued me after a lifetime of being an unrepentant rebel who was looking for God and didn’t even know it. Sometimes I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

This blog is is for reflections on my experiences with the compassion, mercy and love of a patient and gentle God; and how His grace, a few life-changing events, and the selflessness of others changed a rebel into a friend, a rebellion into a love affair, and forever altered the course of a misguided life.

I appreciate you visiting, and am always delighted to read any comments you might have. After all, if you know Jesus too, we’ll be spending an eternity together, friend.

The Prodigal Ragamuffin